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This section of the website is to give you information in regards to the servers we currently have in operation.  This page does NOT contain the
current status of the server.  For that please click the "Server Status" button above.  What this page will contain is any information new players
may wish to know before they opt to join our servers.  This could include anything from map type, to game modifications, to various adjustments made to the default settings of the game.  For mods we will either link to the mod pack or, in the case of Steam Workshop mods, will provide the mod ID numbers.  For settings, we will only note those setting that are NOT default.  While we will always attempt to update this information as it changes, please note that we cannot guarentee there are no errors on this page.
LAST UPDATED:  Oct 8, 2017




ModpackFTB Revelation  (available on the FTB Launcher)

Non-Default SettingsMorpheus (25% must sleep), Tinker's Tools (Halfed XP requirements & min 3 mods on new tools), Quark (Crystal caves enabled)

SummaryWhile we are fans of straight Vanilla Minecraft, we also find that it helps to mix it up a little to prevent the game from becoming boring.  To that extent we've decided to run various mod packs in the past, including ones we've created ourselves.  Continuing that legasy we've decided to run the "FTB Revelation" modpack, available through the FTB or Twitch launchers.


This mod pack brings many of the things we love into Minecraft while also presenting the unusual challenge of turning everything you think you know upside down.  The default world is a brew of new and interesting biomes, and the challenge is to explore these biomes and survive in unfamiliar territory.  Both technology and magic are at your disposal, but be careful as these can sometimes be more dangerous than the zombies knocking on your front door.  Will you survive in this new environment or will you regret stepping out of the vanila Minecraft experience?  Make sure you're well prepared!



Viper01's SE Server


GameSpace Engineers

ModsClimbable Ladder (600062079), 889402581 (Gravel Sifter), 1157796670 (Eyes Just Got Clear), 1206134279 (Ball Cockpit), 643820962 (Airlock Block), 298952246 (SSI Regent Stairs)

Adjusted SettingsAssembler Efficiency (3x), Assembler Speed (3x), Scenario (Star System), Grinder Speed (2x), Inventory Size (10x)


SummarySpace Engineers has always been on our "favorite new game" list, even though we haven't always run a server for it.  While it might appear that we've completely removed the vanilla experience the truth is that every mod and setting has been painstakingly selected to improve the game while not interfearing with the overall spirit of the game.  The best part is that you don't need to pre-install the mods before joining the server, they will install automatically when you attempt to join. That said, you do need to be a member of our Steam Group in order to join! This is as much for our protection as it is for yours.

Viper's Empyrion Server


GameEmpyrion - Galactic Survival


Adjusted SettingsTrading (Global), Antigrief Distance (30), Antigrief Ore Distance (50), Decay (5h), Wipe (Disabled), Protection (256h), PvP Friendly Fire (Off), Escapepod content (Medium), Ore Deposits (Plenty), Drone Baseattack (Hard), Drone Presence (High), Blueprints (Disabled)


SummaryEmpyrion always seems to feel like a teammate to Space Engineers.  That saying, both games are very similar but the things that Space Engineers does poorly are the things that Empyrion excells at, and vice versa.  Some players have taken issue with the fact that we have completely disabled blueprints, however we feel that blueprints are too much of a "short cut" and take away from the spirit of the game.  In our experience they have also led to a degrading of the quality of the server.  Without blueprints all players are forced to come up with their own unique designs, which leads to a much more enjoyable in-game experience for everyone.

Viper01's Improved Aberration


GameArk: Survival Evolved

ModsTavan's Trough (531713045), Auto Torch (543859212), Egg & Poop Collector (554678442), Stargate Worlds (609380111), Homing Pigeon (655261420), Fermentation Barrel (691302176), Reusable Plus (693416678), Redwoods Anywhere (722649005), Bore Water Kit (730794403), Structures Plus (731604991), Advanced Rafts (749466101), Death Recovery (751991809), Narcotic Drip (768984945), Big Storage Bins (791674340), Wyvern Milk Substitute (819857895), Dino Treadmill Generator (867838567)

Adjusted SettingsMap = Aberration, Engrams (Few extra points per lvl), Corpse Decay (10x longer), Allow 3rd Person (true), Allow Flyers Carry (true), Day Speed (25% slower), Night Speed (2x faster), Harvest Multiplyer (25% more), Harvest Health (25% more), Food/Water Drain (25% slower), Health Recovery (50% faster),  Resource Respawn (50% faster), PVE Mode (on), ShowPlayeronMap (true), Taming Speed (2x), XP Multiplyer (1.2x), Structure Decay (disabled), Dino Decay (disabled), Max Players in Tribe (5), Number of Tribes Requried to Begin (2), Max Structures on Platform Multiplyer (5x), Destroy Unconnected Water Pipes (true), Friendly Fire (disabled), EggHatchSpeed (50x), BabyMatureSpeed (200x), BabyCuddleInterval (90% Lower), BabyCuddleGracePeriod (50x), BabyImprintStatScale (3x), MatingInterval (90% Lower), Foundation Support (+5), Boss Battle Timers (3x Longer)

SummaryAt first look it might seem that we've completely destroied the experience of Vanilla Ark, but each setting and mod has been painstakingly selected to deal with one key factor in Ark.  The fact that players who chose to play on their own have a severe disadvantage over those who have large tribes.  We wanted to level the playing field, so to speak.  Mating and taming of more powerful dino's is well within the capability of the single player, who would normally be unable to do so due to time constraints.  In addition, we want our Ark to be an enjoyable experience, so we've listened to many player gripes in regards to vanilla Ark and have taken steps to resolve those issues through settings and mods.  Some of the gripes include;

- The difficulty in creating items that are easy lost by a death you had no way to avoid.  We resolved this by both increasing the timer on corpses and including an inventory recovery mod that allows you to place a grave stone at your base so you can recover your items remotely.

- Dying while on your flyer, or having them fly away from you while under attack, then being unable to get your flyer back.  We resolved this by including the homing pidgeon mod, which allows you to place a banner for your flyers to automatically return to, or be manually called back to, assuming the flyer has been equipped with a homing bracelet.

- Being unable to build in a location due to the terrain being slightly askew.  We resolved this by including the Stackable Foundations mod, which allows you to build bases in areas you wouldn't have previously considered for a base.

- Pillars being placed randomly around the map by players who want to claim the world.  We've resolved this by instituting a rule which states you may not build pillars to claim land.


- A lack of resources due to a high number of players clearing them out.  This has been solved by reducing the time required for resources to respawn.  This also resolves the issue of players having to clear out further and further from their base for common materials like wood and stone.

- Having to babysit tranquilized dino's so they don't wake up.  We resolved this problem by including a mod that allows players to create an IV to apply narcotic in specified amounts.  This can be adjusted depending on how quickly the dino's topor falls so you don't waste narcotic.  This narcotic "drip" isn't available until mid-end game, so it won't ruin the early Ark taming experience.

As a final note, it's suggested that players go to the Ark Steam Workshop and install the mods prior to joining the server.  While joining the server WILL automatically subscribe and install the mods, it's a much longer process and can lead to time-out issues.